Excelsior’s 2018 Concerts in the Commons Series to Bring More Food Trucks and Revitalization to the Town’s Downtown

The 13-acre Excelsior Commons park area was designed with summer nights in mind, with public recreation space, playgrounds, swimming areas, sports facilities and restrooms flanking beautiful Lake Minnetonka in the heart of bustling Excelsior. It’s home to Art on the Lake, the hometown Fourth of July celebration, and countless smaller events. Read more about Excelsior’s 2018 Concerts in the Commons Series to Bring More Food Trucks and Revitalization to the Town’s Downtown


Local Band Finds Success at an Impressively Young Age

When you hear about the accomplishments of local band The Excelsior Turtles, you might be surprised to find out the members aren’t middle aged, but middle schoolers instead. Two up-and-coming musicians—Brian Williams and Max Scholten, both 13—met three years ago through the Excelsior Rock Club at Minnetonka Music (read more about the rock club in our August 2017 issue). Brian and Max hit it off both personally and musically, and decided to start a band. With a third musician—their Rock Club instructor Cooper Alt—The Excelsior Turtles were born. Read more about Local Band Finds Success at an Impressively Young Age


For Kids About to Rock

Youngsters who dream of wowing crowds with their musical prowess are in luck—Minnetonka Music is here to teach them how to rock. The Deephaven store is home to the Excelsior Rock Club, which is specifically geared toward kids ages 8 to18. With weekly group rehearsals, private lessons and a public performance to show off their new skills, the program gives kids the chance to learn the fundamentals of rock and roll in a collaborative, encouraging—and, ahem, loud—environment. Read more about For Kids About to Rock


Small-Town Girl, Big-City Music

In our August 2014 issue, we featured the story of Minnetonka High School graduate Holly Henry, who found success in a national singing competition. Since then, Henry’s star has kept rising. With one full-length album and two EPs under her belt, Henry also has a YouTube channel where she sings originals and cover songs to engage with her nearly 350,000 subscribers. Read more about Small-Town Girl, Big-City Music


From Minnesota to Australia

To those of us who live here, Lake Minnetonka means home. To some global music fans, however, it might mean funk and jazz.

In Melbourne, Australia, there’s a band called Lake Minnetonka. The members are Australian—so how the heck did they choose such a name? For one thing, they say, their music is influenced by Minneapolis native son Prince, who referred to the lake in his songs. Lake Minnetonka (the band, that is) also incorporates sounds inspired by other Minnesota artists like Mazarati, Alexander O’Neal, the Time and Sheila E. Read more about From Minnesota to Australia


LeagueAires Women’s Vocal Group Gives Back Through Song

The members of LeagueAires are all about spreading music. The women’s vocal group, sponsored by the Junior League of Minneapolis, brings the joy of music to older adults and people with special needs, performing at nursing homes, rehab centers and other venues. This year, the group celebrates its 50th anniversary, and we spoke to three members who live in the Lake Minnetonka area to learn what makes being part of the group so special.

Jan Hale Read more about LeagueAires Women’s Vocal Group Gives Back Through Song


Soul of Spain

At 17 years old, David Grams is in a class all his own. Quite literally, in one sense of the word: He was homeschooled, graduated when he was 16, and now spends his time pursuing his own personal studies. Chief among them: the art of classical and flamenco guitar.

Both of Grams’ parents are musically inclined, so it isn’t surprising that he showed an aptitude for music at a young age. But his successful venture into the complicated Spanish rhythms of flamenco guitar was a path he chose to follow on his own. Read more about Soul of Spain



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