A New Passport Gives People Another Reason to Travel the U.S.

What started as a simple idea turned into a reality for Saint Paul resident and former Minnesota State Capitol tour guide Gail Froncek.

Froncek was inspired by a road trip to northern Minnesota, an info booklet that looked like a passport and a couple she met as a tour guide who wanted to visit all of the U.S. state capitols. She was inspired to create a passport of sorts that can be stamped at all of the U.S. capitols. “It’s a simple, lightweight way to document travels to the 50 state capitols,” she says. “People love the soft, textured feel of the cover.”

Froncek herself is using the passport and wants to tour all the capitols. So far, she has visited seven. Similar passports are in the works as Froncek wants to create the same concept but for other landmarks around the U.S. such as baseball stadiums and bridges. “It’s a tasteful, usable keepsake,” she says.