April 2017 Saint Paul Magazine

One of Saint Paul’s mythical friends poses in early morning.
The Grand Avenue staple has been renovated without changing what works.
Jeff Nelson found a niche: filling in café, bar and restaurant chalkboard menus.
American Craft Council celebrates 75 years of supporting artists and educating the public.
Macalester Groveland Community Council spotlights alley and native gardens.
Penumbra Theatre celebrates 40 years with a change in leadership.
Urban farm shop supports backyard homesteaders.
Vine Park Brewing Co. offers beer lovers the opportunity to brew their own beer without the mess of home-brewing.
As when rousing a bear from hibernation, it behooves you to use a light touch.
Shoemaker Amara Hark-Weber revives an old trade.
Beth Burns brings a lifetime of reading to her role as new president of the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library.