Although Saint Paul Magazine is no longer publishing a print edition, this month we are featuring some final stories on several interesting education topics.  You’ll meet Lily Finn, David Moberg, Eleanor O’Callaghan and Kayla Williams, four students from Saint Paul who share some of their favorites with us and preview what’s next.  Michael Houston, a math teacher from Humboldt High School, was in the running for Education Minnesota’s Teacher of the Year and he shares his story with us.  We’ll also catch up with some talented film students from Gordon Parks High School.

In this final issue of Saint Paul Magazine, we celebrate the winners and finalists of our Best of Saint Paul readers’ choice survey.

In the June issue join us in celebrating Saint Paul's dreamer F. Scott Fitzgerald.

In the May issue MPR celebrates a half-century across the state.

In the April issue take a look back at the past 40 years with Penumbra Theatre.

In the March issue we're checking in on modern classic DeGidio's Restaurant, serving up old world tradition to their Saint Paul neighborhood.