Home-Brewing Made Easy on West Seventh

Vine Park Brewing Co. offers beer lovers the opportunity to brew their own beer without the mess of home-brewing.
Andy Grage has created a haven for home brewers at Vine Park.

When you walk through Vine Park Brewing Co.’s front door, you’re more than likely greeted by owner Andy Grage.

“Hey, how’s it going? What can we help you with?”

Vine Park Brewing, in business for more than 21 years, is the only one of its kind in the Midwest.  “We are more than just a brewery,” he explains to a potential customer. “We are a brew on-premise facility, where you can brew your own beer.”

Vine Park Brewing has been made popular by die-hard beer lovers since 1995, even before the craft beer movement began in the Twin Cities area.

Grage has seen a variety of groups and individuals come through his front door. “Lately, we are seeing many adult children with their parents,” he said. From family reunions to office teambuilding and bachelorette parties, Grage hosts them all and leaves them with a lot of beer to take home—one batch to be exact, which is equivalent to 72 22-ounce bottles of beer.

“Absolutely a great experience, great employees and great-tasting beer!” says Shannon Watson, who brewed with her husband Nathaniel and friend Greg Hepola. “If you’re going to do it, brew it yourself.”

Approximately 24,000 gallons of beer, on average, are brewed at Grage’s on-premise brewing facility each year, and Grage said he has more than 50 beer recipes for brewers to choose from before their scheduled brewing date.

The process for brewers is quite simple, according to Grage. The beer lover can call and make an appointment with a Vine Park staff member, or use the brewery’s website and schedule a brewing session. “It really depends on how many people are brewing,” he says.

On brewing night, the brewers come together to mix the ingredients of their desired brew and schedule another appointment to bottle nearly two weeks later. “Don’t try this at home,” is Grage’s motto. “Leave the mess to us.” Vine Park supplies the ingredients, brew coach and the bottles and even preps before you arrive and cleans up after you leave.

Grage also sells growlers for those not wanting to brew. The growlers are filled from beers brewed weekly and allow Grage to offer an ever-changing lineup based on the season.

More of a vino drinker? Well, wine lovers also have a chance to make their own wine at Vine Park, but the fermenting process takes longer than the beer, approximately six weeks.

And for those who don’t drink or are under-age, Vine Park sells root beer by the keg or in sixpacks. Grage even has a sample spout located near his front counter for all customers (or potential customers) to try.

At Vine Park Brewing known as ‘the fun place to brew your own beer and make your own wine,” Grage loves sharing his passion.

“I love to brew,” Grage says..  “I have made many good friends that started as customers.”

Vine Park Brewing Co. can also help brewers customize labels for their brews and have them all set to go for bottling day. For more info, call 651.228.1355 or visit Vine Park’s Facebook page.