Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare Creates a New App.

With emojis ranging from positive encouragement to graphics of wheelchairs and adapted skiing, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare has created a keyboard to include everyone. Titled Emojability, this new keyboard allows patients, families and friends to communicate with a more personalized set of emojis.

Many of the kids at Children’s have brain disorders, cerebral palsy or other difficulties. “We wanted to make a set of unique emojis that resonated with our patients,” media specialist Nick Hanson says. He says that the emojis reflect these patients; not their disabilities but what they can do, hence the addition of “ability” in the name of the app.

The team asks for feedback on how to improve the app, even asking for suggestions on new emojis. Feedback can be submitted through their website. The app has been downloaded all over the United States and is available for both Android and iPhone and free to download.

Download for Android or Iphone.