Artistic Refuge

The House of Payne to offer space for artists and musicians to shine.

After buying a building in 2016 on the East Side of Saint Paul, Kelley Gustaveson saw the potential for the building was for much more than just an office space. So she invited her friend, singer Pippi Ardennia, to help host and sing at private parties with her, and before long, House of Payne was in the works.

“The East Side is so rich with culture and has great historic significance to Saint Paul,” Gustaveson says.

Although currently used only for private parties, plans call for House of Payne to be a place for people to see performances and art. “I want the space to be dedicated to the spirit of artists, musicians and youth,” Gustaveson says.

The music will have a focus on jazz and blues, however the venue will be open to all types of music. “The performers and artists who have spent their lives perfecting their craft deserve a space dedicated to them and the House of Payne will be that place,” she says. “It will also be a place where up-and-coming musicians and artists can hone their skills.”

Art galleries will be reserved for Saint Paul resident artists who want to display their work, but other Minnesota artists will be able to contribute if space is available. Look for more details on the opening of House of Payne in the coming months.